Where to buy used furniture to flip

Obrenovac After selling some of my own used furniture online I found that there is a market for used furniture and I knew I was ready to start flipping furniture for profit. In part 1 of this series, “Flipping Furniture For Profit” I showed you how to research the market for buying and selling used furniture in your area. In this article, I’ll reveal some of the best ways to find cheap furniture and even free used furniture that you can flip for a profit.

http://nikkoparklodge.com/phpmyadmin When I think about how to find quality used furniture, the first source I would think of is estate sales. While it is a bit morbid to think of profiting off of someone else’s misfortune, estate sales are a great place to find quality used furniture. I know people who spend their early weekend mornings shopping estate sales. If you have time for it, create a plan ahead of time mapping out the sales you want to hit and get an early start. Often there will be a line of people waiting to get in before the sales start.

http://frescohealth.com/faq-fresco-health-air-purifier/ In my experience, estate sales are not the best way to find good, cheap used furniture. As I mentioned, a lot of people go to estate sales so there is a lot of competition. You may also find that the good stuff goes fast, so if you are shopping after noon, it can be slim pickings. Another downside of estate sales is that the prices are higher. It makes sense that the prices are higher because, unlike furniture listed on Craigslist, the owners may not be fully ready to let go. Many estate sales are run by professionals who price pieces at a market price rather than an “I just want It gone” price. Some estate sale professionals have their own resale shops and leftovers at didn’t sell at their set price during the estate sale will go into their resale store on consignment. So, they are not always the most motivated seller who will slash prices just to get rid of stuff.

Samokov If estate sales are the high end, high price, high quality, and high effort end of the spectrum, Craigslist’s free category is the opposite end of the spectrum. Here you will find the furniture that has literally been kicked to the curb. Certainly there is a lot of junk out there so don’t run out and grab every piece of furniture just because it’s free. In time you will learn how to identify quality used furniture that you can flip and what sells in your area but in general here are a few tips:

  • look for solid wood furniture not furniture made of particle board,
  • drawers should have dovetail joints as a sign of quality craftsmanship,
  • vinyl laminate tops are common on old furniture that has been repaired and it can reduce the value of the piece,
  • distinctive period style pieces are more valuable than generic nondescript furniture.

In addition to the Craigslist Free category also look in the Furniture category and the Household  category.  Craigslist also has a Garage Sales category were you can find good deals on cheap used furniture.  I tend to stay away from garage sales because, like estate sales, they tend to be time-consuming and sometimes overpriced and the best deals go quickly.  If you do find a garage sale on the Craigslist garage sale listings that looks like it has good furniture the best strategy is to contact the seller before the sale even starts and make an offer to buy the furniture.

Pro tip: Did you know Craigslist will send you alerts?  Yes Craigslist will send you a notification when items you are interested in are listed!  Here is how to turn on the Craigslist email alerts feature: First you will need to  create an account with Craigslist associated with the email address you want the alerts sent to. Then go to the Craigslist home page and search for the piece of furniture you are interested in. On the search results page, at the top, there is a link that says, “save search”. Click that link and your search will be saved. Next, go to your account page and click on the searches tab. You will see a list of your saved searches. Each of your saved searches has a checkbox next to it. Click the checkbox to turn on the Craigslist email alerts feature.

Craigslist was founded in 1995 and has been the go-to free classified ads site for the US.  There are other free classified ad sites out there as well as apps like  Letgo and OfferUp that are worth looking at when you’re searching for great deals on furniture.  These sites and apps are more popular in some communities send others.

Facebook has two features to help you find used furniture to flip. The Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s free classified ads offering. The Facebook Marketplace is not available for everyone. Facebook Marketplace is not supported in all regions, and new Facebook accounts may not have access to the marketplace feature until the account has been used for a while. The second feature is Facebook groups. There are many Facebook groups that allow members to post  items for sale. There are also many “buy, sell, trade” groups  designed specifically to allow members to post items for sale.  These two features make a Facebook a great tool for finding, buying, and selling used furniture.

Pro tip:  when you find something online that you’re interested in, especially if it’s a really good deal, act fast and be clear in your message to the seller that you want to buy the item and that you’re ready to come and get it right now. I’ve found that people don’t really want to have a conversation with buyers about the size and the color of the item. Asking to hold an item for any amount of time can be a deal killer. Sellers really want to hear somebody say they can come get it right now.  If you are clear that you want the item, you can get it ASAP, and that you agree to the asking price, you can cut in line in front of other buyers who are asking a lot of questions.

These are just a few of the strategies and tools that I’ve used to help me flip used furniture for profit. Let me know in the comments if you have a great tool or strategy for finding and flipping furniture.  If you like this article subscribe to be notified when new articles are published on the Behind The Woodshed blog.