Commercial Signs

Montana Spirits and Wine The folks at Montana Spirits and Wine found Rustic Art Crafts through the Etsy store. The timing could not have been better as I had just come across a barn tear-down where I was able to get some great aged 2-inch white oak.

Barabai The design with the aging barrels was the original Montana Spirits and Wine logo. When they changed their logo, they came back for another sign. Fortunately, I had just enough of the original wood to create another large sign.

Personalized Wood Signs

Rustic Wood Signs

The rustic wood signs are often bought as a gift with personalizations for the recipient. You can request that your own phrases go into the design. The signs can also be ordered blank or blank with a personalization added.

State Bucket List Signs

Texas Wood Sign

The bucket list signs can be made for any state. This is an example of the Texas wood sign. I have also made bucket list signs for Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, and others.